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Being charged with a criminal offence should be considered serious no matter the actual crime. All criminal offences have one thing in common: They go on your permanent criminal record. Your criminal record could deter you from getting that job you have dreamed about for years or experiencing an extended holiday vacation exploring the European countryside or taking the family to Walt Disney World in Florida. In addition to hampering your future employment and travel, criminal offences result in fines, fees, court costs, and jail time depending on your actual charges

Areas of Practice

Courthouses Appeared In:

  • Surrey Provincial Court

  • New Westminster Supreme Court

  • Abbotsford Provincial Court

  • Chilliwack Provincial Court

  • Mainstreet Provincial Court (Vancouver)

  • Downtown Community Court (Vancouver)

  • Port Coquitlam Provincial Court

  • British Columbia Supreme Court (Vancouver)

  • Edmonton Provincial Court

Areas of Law:

  • assault

  • assault causing bodily harm

  • assault with a weapon

  • obstruction of justice

  • DUI cases

  • theft under 5000

  • fraud

  • theft over 5000

  • sexual assault

  • sexual interference

  • manslaughter

  • murder

  • uttering threats